Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mobile finance: A new way to manage your money

Mobile finance services are gathering steam as mobile banking is the easiest way to do money management.

Mobile applications come with excellent benefits
Convenience is the buzzword in today’s rapidly changing world. And since mobile finance services are growing remarkably, they are driving convenience for consumers and helping companies to cut operational costs. Many consumers and even companies, however, have not yet fully acknowledged the potential of these trendy services.
Stock market digital highlights some key benefits brought by the mobile finance services.
Result-oriented service
Besides being convenient, Mobile finance service is a solution-based service. There will be a very strong organic growth in the mobile finance service segment just because it gets your quicker results with a click of a button.
Advantageous applications
Mobile applications come with excellent benefits. Mobile applications like Money Transfer can assist you in sending money via SMS messages.  Mobile Payment is another application that will soon erase the traditional practices of money deployment.
Since mobile is omnipresent and does not require special arrangements to communicate the way internet does, every Tom, Dick and Harry can use his mobile as a wallet. Plus, the M-wallet will take care of the payment delay issues and will ensure timely delivery of money.
Mobile finance service is not a new phenomenon anymore. Intensive consumer adoption has led the technological innovation and we will see improved ways of managing money through our inseparable, sixth finger – Mobile. source

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