Tuesday, February 8, 2011

OnMobile today has a presence in 28 Countries

How is OnMobile planning to cash in on 3G?
With 3G services, a new era awaits mobile users with faster and more robust mobile Internet and better access to data services. By 2013, 3G service revenues are expected to generate $15.8 bn, accounting for a share of 46% in the overall wireless service revenue.
At OnMobile, we are aggressively looking forward to build on 3G video as it is the biggest wave in the Indian market today. Video solutions will be a major differentiator for the operators. As operators are increasingly turning to managed VAS to drive efficiencies and improve the mobile user experience, the acquisition is an opportunity to offer video services by leveraging Dilithium's market leading technology combined with OnMobile's managed services business model. Additionally, Dilithium's technology enables the delivery of novel 3G value added services by offering superior quality and scale to the creation, adaptation, and distribution of all types of multimedia assets.
How do you see the m-commerce service fairing in the regions you operate in, including India?
M-commerce in India has tremendous potential, especially in the areas of mobile payments, m-coupons, mobile ticketing, shopping, trading, and banking. Mobile ticketing and m-coupons are rapidly growing in India, at a rate of over 30%. Currently, there are some challenges to the growth of m-commerce, because of the small credit card and bank accounts base in India and the associated risk of fraud.
However, the introduction of UID nationwide will help make these services a reality. Additionally, 3G will enable replication of the Internet user experience on the mobile phone. In 2011, this will significantly benefit the adoption of m-commerce.
Is innovation in the mVAS segment moving in the right direction?
In the current scenario, the VAS segment is showing steady growth and tremendous potential. VASgrowth has been further spurred by increased focus on this segment by operators, thanks to steadily declining voice ARPUs and cut-throat competition. The imminent mobile number portability has also driven operators to offer unique and innovative value added services to differentiate themselves in the market. Availability of rich content, access to which is simplified through solutions such as OnMobile's m-search, has also increased consumer awareness and uptake of VAS. SinceVAS is in such an exciting stage in India, today the market scenario is such that there is tremendous potential for a good idea to result in market success. remaining on source

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