Thursday, June 2, 2011

No 3G video calling on iPhone 4 in INDIA

Users in India can make video calls using WiFi, but not over 3G as the application that enables the service has been locked by Apple.

The Apple iPhone 4, which is being regarded as the most unique device, is not capable of making video calls over a 3G mobile network despite being a 4th generation smartphone.
Users in India can make video calls using WiFinetworks, but not over 3G as the application which enables the service is locked by Apple.
The Apple spokesperson in India said, "FaceTime, the application that allows video calling on the Apple iPhone 4, is a closed user application that allows people having iPhone or compatible Apple hardware like the iPad 2 and forth generation iPod touch running FaceTime application to have video calling."
"3G cannot be used to make these video calls; only WiFi data is supported by the application. The application allows seamless connectivity between other Apple products though," he added.
iPhone 4 nevertheless has all the necessary hardware, including a front facing camera and 3G capable quad frequency network band, to allow 3G video calling over the mobile network.
Many applications like Frring, Tango me and Oovoo can be used as third party solutions to curb this problem of calling over 3G mobile networks.
Along with that, these applications offer both free and paid services and allow cross platform compatibility as well, which means that an iPhone 4 user can call another iPhone, or even another operating system that supports these third party applications.
There were some issues related to video calling with Frring but with the new update for the iPhone 4, Frring users on iPhone 4 get to make better quality video calls.

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  1. If you have felt an iPhone in you hands I can bet, no other phone can give you the same feel.

    I guess money is not a constrain for smart phone users in today's MNC world. I have owned iPhone 2G and 3Gs for 2 - 3 years and I can say that it was initially not designed for Indian users and definitely not for masses. Though is has been launched in India as per high demand. There is no comparison to it till date.

    Indians would not find it value for money which is true and that's the reason it's not everyone phone. Definitely there are hundreds of reason not to own iPhone and I agree with it. Every second smart phone be it Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia etc. is inspired by iPhone features today & still cannot match it.

    The irony is 97% of Indian population would not know what is Apple so forget about iPhone.

    Apple is a true innovative leader in gadgets and deserves to be the best and is religiously followed by others after invention of iPod, iPhone & iPad.

    Buy whatever you pocket allows but do not find reasons not to buy an iPhone, cause is none !!!