Saturday, January 29, 2011

Free Wi-Fi more attractive than 3G

Expanding the use of free Wi-Fi areas will be more attractive to mobile internet users than 3G connections, according to one expert.

Internet comparison service Broadband.co.uk has claimed that O2's recently-announced decisions to launch a public Wi-Fi channel is an attempt to get people 'off mobile broadband'.

Edd Dawson, managing director of broadband.co.uk, commented: 'Potentially they're trying to get people off mobile broadband and onto a Wi-Fi connection – that could be one of the reasons that they're doing it for free.

'It's going to be good for people the more Wi-Fi spots there are available, especially on phones – it's much more desirable than using 3G.'

However, the expert added that while an increase in free Wi-Fi hotspots is welcome, fixed broadband services will not be largely affected.

Mr Dawson said internet users will still utilise fixed services while at home in order to 'benefit from having the bandwidth to themselves'. source

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