Saturday, January 29, 2011

Way2Sms Will No Longer Allow Your Number As Sender

Until now, you are allowed to send SMS with your Number as Sender ID on Way2Sms. But the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recently issued new regulations on the SMS industry in India. With these new rules, you will no longer send SMSs with your number as sender. These rules will be followed by every SMS service provider from 1st Feb 2011.
Every SMS service provider has to adhere to the new TRAI NCPR (National Consumer Preference Register (NCPR)) guidelines. Way2Sms is the one of the first and reputed free SMS service provider and they also have to follow these rules strictly and have decided that they will no longer allow any user to send SMS with their number as Sender ID.
Way2Sms doesnt allow Number as Sender thumb Way2Sms Will No Longer Allow Your Number As Sender
As part of implementing new TRAI guidelines, way2sms has worked tirelessly to further upgrade their internal processes, technology, and team to ensure 100% compliance of the new regulations. In order to adhere to TRAI guidelines way2sms is also changing its messaging policies from 1st of Feb. 2011 onwards.
New Policies
  • According to the New TRAI guidelines, No SMS provider is allowed to deliver SMSs to NDNC/NCPR listed mobile numbers. So, Starting from Feb 1st 2011 way2sms does not deliver SMSs to NDNC//NCPR Listed mobile numbers.
  • TRAI New guidelines does not allow any service provider to use Numeric mobile number as the sender. So, Starting from Feb 1st, way2sms is changing its Message structure.
So all messages sent via way2sms will be sent as " TD- XXXXX" as the  sender. No Longer you can use your mobile number as sender. Your Mobile number and a 8 letter Nick name will be inserted in your   message by default. However you can continue to enjoy 140characters  message same as before.
All free SMS service provider will have to follow these new rules otherwise TRAI has to take strict steps against service provider. So you can take advantage this month only or try to find another service provider who dares enough to stand against TRAI icon smile Way2Sms Will No Longer Allow Your Number As Sender .
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  1. when this new service starts...?

  2. The new policy from TRAI got extended and as of now their is no tentative date for its implementation.