Thursday, February 24, 2011

Know Why The Kindle 3g Is Better Than The Apple Ipad.

Lets imagine for a moment that youre vacationing on Miami Beach and you want either an Amazon Kindle 3G or an Apple iPad to keep you company for something to do while sunning in the sand. Which device do you suppose would perform the best?
Ill make your guess easy for you. Your best bet is the Amazon Kindle 3G, and heres six reasons as to why.
1. No glare: Thats right. The new 3G Kindle now comes glare-free, and you dont have to pay extra for the feature. Instead of getting a nice reflection of your smiling mug when you look at your screen, you see a background that is as white and matte as a real piece of paper. This not only gives you the illusion that youre reading a real book, its a lot easier to use in direct sunlight. more on http://technology.ezinemark.com/six-reasons-the-kindle-3g-is-better-than-the-apple-ipad-32036a72304.html

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