Monday, February 7, 2011


Outdoor media has been trying to re-invent itself for quite some time now. The latest attempt comes from Amobee Media Systems which announced a new proximity marketing model for advertisers that promises to deliver 100% measurable, performance-based campaigns. The idea comes from fusing traditional outdoor media with the power of mobile technology, allowing for interactive experiences.
The technology can locate a user and identify what mobile device they are using to personalize the campaign for each user and enable interaction with outdoor media via SMS, Bluetooth or WiFi.
Under Amobee’s new approach, advertisers only pay on a performance basis each time a mobile user interacts with the outdoor media, whether it’s a billboard in a subway, a sign at a bus stop, or a poster in the lobby of a movie theater.
In recent months, the company had completed campaigns in major cities such as New York, Boston, Sydney, London and Cape Town, attracting Fortune 500 advertisers like Nokia and Orange/France Telecom.source

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