Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mobile Service For Doctors And Patients

Telecommunications company Orange introduces new service in the UK Health Gateway, designed for doctors and patients. This service uses text messages that can communicate with each other owners of mobile phones.

With the help of Health Gateway hospitals and doctors working in them, as well as pharmacies will send each other various information (eg test results) as well as straighten the patients with SMS reminders on the dates they had previously planned visits to doctors and the need to take prescription drugs. In addition, when an emergency situation medical institutions will be able to notify the employees via SMS.

Service Health Gateway has a modular architecture, and each medical institution will be able to choose those functions that it needs. Estimated to Orange, only one module of reminders on the dates previously planned visits to the doctors allow medical institutions included in the National Health Service, annual savings of up to 300 million pounds.

These savings will be achieved by providing patients the ability to manage the time their visits to the doctor to confirm or cancel the previously scheduled visit. For example, if the patient through the service will notify the Health Gateway medical establishment that he can not visit the doctor, he can accept other people without forcing them and ourselves to lose time waiting in vain.

Note that the Orange previously brought to market a mobile service for physicians and patients another service - Smartnumbers. Its users can dial directly from your mobile phone to doctors who are willing to provide them with professional advice on the interests of the patient subject.source

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