Wednesday, February 16, 2011

' The Name Tunes' service fromTata Docomo

Tata DOCOMO has introduced a new innovative feature - Name Tunes, a VAS application in partnership with mCarbon.

You can now greet your caller with your name, not just tunes, with Tata DOCOMO’s 'Name Tunes'. Adding another exciting, new feature in its 'Call Me Tunes' portfolio and continuing to Do the New, Tata DOCOMO, has announced another new innovative feature—Name Tunes. The pioneering VAS application, a first-of-its-kind globally—is a result of Tata DOCOMO’s partnership with mCarbon, one of the leading VAS providers in the telecom industry.

Name Tunes allows subscriber to greet callers with his/her name and a personalized message of their choice, chosen easily from the Template Messages, thereby allowing callers a refreshing experience, rather than making them listen to the traditional ring tones or caller tunes. The offer is available exclusively to Tata DOCOMO subscribers.

"Name Tunes is in line with our way of doing things in a Refreshingly Different manner and brings in an element of fun and newness to the existing set of VAS offerings. Greeting callers with their own name, and then with a personalized message while the phone rings, will enable our subscribers to make their conversations even more pleasant and special, Mr Rishi Mohan Malhotra, the Value-Added Services Head at Tata DOCOMO, said while announcing the launch of the service. 

"This offers a new vista of Caller Tune opportunities for our subscribers who want to stand out and be different. For Tata DOCOMO, this is an opportunity to reach out to the untapped market of personalized 'Call Me Tunes'. We are delighted with our association with mCarbon, which has helped us launch a global-first service, in keeping with our objective of redefining the telecom experience," he added.

Activating this service is quick and easy—Tata DOCOMO subscribers simply have to SMS 'First Name' to 52100, toll free. Subscription charges are Rs 30 per month and Name Tunes downloads will be charged at Rs 15 for 90 days.

So don’t waste any time, DO the New with this cool service and make an impression on your friends everytime they call you!

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