Monday, February 28, 2011

Telecom Sector Expands Globally : India and China Take The Lead

The telecom industry is taking leaps and bounds with increasing number of subscribers and mobile users across the world, including India. The world’s largest democracy is expected to earn a whopping revenue of $6.55 billion in the coming financial year, starting April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012. The earnings will be coming from license fees charged from telecom operators, spectrum usage charges and receipts through the auction of bandwidth for wireless broadband services. The details were given in the proposed budget shown in the parliament on Monday.
Moving to the China region, the China Unicom plans to launch its operating system, putting it in competition with Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. The company will launch “Wophone” after its rival China Mobile Ltd. launched “Ophone” in 2009. Unfortunately, Ophone  failed to attract the users. Wophone OS will be shown on different mobile phones, with participating manufacturers and service providers including China’s ZTE Corp., Huawei Technologies Co. and TCL Corp., as well as South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co., Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. of the U.S. and HTC Corp. of Taiwan.
Wophone’s operating system has a Linux core and is specifically designed for  third generation smartphones and tablet computers. Having a dispute with Chinese government, Google decided to centralize much of its efforts in Hong Kong.  For now, only Symbian is dominating the Chinese market, having 60.1% of total share. It is followed by Microsoft’s 13.1%, Android with 10.7% and iPhone with 5.4% of the market share.
As the telecom industry is progressing, so does the need for mobile security as well. For the Chinese-US market expansion in particular, certain measures need to be taken as more data exchanges ensue.  Chinese Android users are facing a threat from HongTouTou malware. The news was reported by Lookout Mobile Security on its official blog earlier this month. The multiplying number of mobile devices is inviting the cyberthreats and this can be seen all around us. Companies are taking sufficient measures to cope with the situation including Multi-layer authentication, encryption methods, endpoint security and VDI. They are adopting a solid approach to get the mobile advantage in a right way.source

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