Monday, February 28, 2011

Vodafone 3G available in Delhi

It is no less than Superman, claims Vodafone. The 3G service from Vodafone has begun in Delhi (we just got a call from Vodafone to confirm that), but the damper is it will only be available in south and central Delhi, and Gurgaon, with other regions being covered later. The good thing is that as of now, there are no activation charges (you just need to call the call centre) and that Vodafone is offering 3G speed browsing and Live TV, although the much-hyped popular video calling facility is yet to be made available. The bad is that these come at a staggering cost. The rates are Rs10 paise per 10KB which does not sound like much, but stretch that and it works out to be Rs 10 per MB and Rs 10,000 per GB. So clearly those who use a lot of data on their devices should be ready to shell out about the cost of a new handset every month to enjoy Vodafone’s 3G!
The Vodafone call centre executive we talked to said that there were no other 3G plans as yet. We are hoping some will come around soon, as the current one is frankly unaffordable. Who said Superman was cheap? Do let us know if you have heard of other Vodafone plans in your city – we would love to read about them.source

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