Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mobile Application Developers Opting for Cloud Service

Mobile application developers are taking note of cloud computing. With some popular applications recording a huge number of downloads, cloud service, which can be defined as borrowing of IT resources, is getting an increasing attention for its advantages in traffic handling and cost reduction. 

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), a type of cloud service for leasing servers and storages, is an effective method to cope with a sudden traffic surge. As the cost is in proportion to the amount used, it can be especially attractive to small and mid-sized mobile application firms. Currently, most of those companies are run by 20 or less staff each and they find it burdensome to maintain their own computing resources. 
“We are going to promote our cloud service mainly to mobile service firms with many members or download hits,” said KT, adding, “We expect that those companies concerned about skyrocketing users and traffic will get much interested in it.” source


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