Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mobile Gambling - The new entertainment package

Habits die hard, bad habits die with death Someone did have gambling in mind when they spoke thus. The lure of gambling is so strong that once a person gets hooked, he is hooked forever. And understandably, that is the reason why the telecom industry is set to exploit the opportunities by introducing mobile gambling application and a hoard of other applications that is expected to take mobile entertainment to another level altogether. Colour screen mobiles, 3G technologies, GPRS, Java enabled graphics together with mobile banking are combining to make waves like never before. The fact that it is a recession-proof industry is also an additional bonus to everybody in the value-chain. While the mobile casinos and mobile lotteries remain an area of huge business opportunities, the concentration on sports-betting is also immense as it is another area which is expected to see a boost in revenues. The fact that one can keep betting on the move or dynamically while they are watching a game of cricket for example is the most attractive part of the whole deal. 

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