Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pyro chooses IBM for a 'Green Revolution' in telecom deployments

Pyro walking the ‘Green path’ implements telecom deployments on IBM’s highly-energy efficient hardware and middleware solutions to develop cutting-edge products
Pyro, a leader in providing innovative mobile technology solutions has joined hands with IBM of going the green way through which the world’s largest computer company will power Pyro’s range of products with high-end energy-efficient servers, highly–efficient hardware and optimized middleware solutions that help minimize energy usage in compact designs.

With this strategic alliance, IBM will beef-up Pyro’s mobile technology solutions with energy-efficient BladeCenter Servers, SAN (Storage Area Network), Switches and Routers etc., that are optimized to perform better.  Benefits of this are visible to Telecom operators instantly who have an efficient system with cost reducing capability.
Pyro has made a conscious effort to move on to an eco-friendly mode by deploying resources that ensure Green Technology is leveraged in all the platforms and products being deployed with customers. All components used for deployment of a Pyro product or solution are checked for the carbon footprint created while manufacturing the product.
“Pyro has ensured linear scalability of systems without increasing the power and cooling requirement linearly. Pyro's Road Map is also to work with partners such as IBM on solutions which will work in all environments and lead to optimization of Data Centre footprint besides ensuring optimal system design” said SM Reddy, CEO, Pyro Group. He also added that Pyro’s products and solutions ensure optimized and highly efficient Hardware, Energy Efficient Software, Reduced footprint on the Data Centre, Less Heat generation, Less Power consumption, involvement of lesser resources and human intervention, and many more benefits. 
Pyro, earlier last year had entered into a USD 19 million strategic partnership with IBM for development, testing and management of its products and solutions.source

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